More pictures of people

Good friends. Taken in Lethbridge, last weekend.


One foggy morning ...

We've been talking a lot about traveling lately, which got me thinking back to when we actually did that kind of thing, and how cool it is to be in a completely different spot on the globe.

On our last day in Beijing, I woke up early, looked at Carmen and said, "I'm gonna walk to Tiananmen Square." Definitely the coolest thing I've ever done before 8:00 in the morning. Anyway, I got dressed, left Carmen and Cate in bed and headed outside. It was cold, foggy and quiet (by our standards at that time). Our hotel was two blocks from the square. It was a strange experience being alone on this massively historical site, knowing I'd be home in Lethbridge less than 24 hours later, for the first time in over a year.

The crowds of tourists weren't around yet, and the military was just rolling out for their usual over-patrolling of the area. This is what I saw:

I almost never post photos of my own mug, but I had to prove to myself I was there.



As I’ve said before, I live in a house with the three most gorgeous females in the world. And fortunately for me, one of them calls me her husband and two of them call me their Daddy. But this post is just for Maggie Jane.

Delightful. That’s the best word to describe our sweet baby girl. Since she was born, she’s been the most pleasant, happy little baby with an almost constant genuine smile on her face. She does have a habit of not sleeping when she’s supposed to, but she still greets us every morning with a grin, a giggle and usually a high-pitched little squeal.

She thinks Cate is the funniest person who’s ever lived and their hugging and kissing sessions are strangely intense. She clearly loves her mommy and somehow manages to express genuine gratefulness every time Carmen feeds her. But, I’m happily humbled to say, so far in her life her cool dad seems to be her favourite. She tells me this by clapping for me every time I enter the room. How could it get any better? We love her like crazy.

She's a beauty.



Good times ahead ...

One of the (only) great things about constant storms is skies like these:

This was just off the Trans-Canada between Medicine Hat and Calgary.


Family shoot

I drove to the fine city of Okotoks and did some photos for the Bekkering family last weekend. A good looking bunch which made my job pretty easy. I'm still getting used to taking photos of anyone other than my girls, but we had a fun time ... with the help of popsicle incentives.