They really love each other.

And I don't like to post photos of myself (I think there's like, two on this whole blog), but here I am enjoying lunch at the smallest restaurant in Calgary. The food was really good, but they jammed the four of us into the middle of the joint at the tiniest table. As you can see, Maggie helped me finish my sandwich.



Lyrics by Cate:

“Baa baa Blacksheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full.
One for the master, one for the dame,
One for the little boy who lives in a cave.”



Breakfast in Inglewood.


Back to the future

I've been looking through our photos from Korea and China lately. I never really took much time to do it when we moved back; life suddenly sort of took a completely different direction. Plus there are about 20,000 of them and I just couldn't really be bothered until now. Some were still on our old computer and I hadn't moved all the files over to the Mac yet, so I'd forgotten about them. I'll be posting some of my favorites here periodically. Some of them I didn't think were that great but now they give us a good feeling looking back. You never know what will be nostalgic until you move on.

This photo was taken just around the corner from the motel we always stayed at in Seoul. It was the dodgiest area we saw in all of Korea, but it was the most vibrant. It was busy around the clock. Full of businessmen searching for food, cheap beer and women. Ahhh, welcome to the good life.

This one was down the street from our hotel in Beijing. This guy was doing construction on some nearby hutons so I thought I'd try to sneak a picture. He spotted me though, and was more than happy to pose for a shot. I think this picture encapsulates the beauty and kindness of the Asian people (most of the ones we saw, anyway).



This is me.

This is me on the Calf Robe Bridge at 4:45 driving into the sun on my way home from work.



We spent the weekend in Fairmont. My parents have had a timeshare there since I was wee lad and it’s one of my favorite things to do. Taking Cate and Maggie there was a big deal for me, even though I don’t make it seem that way (I do my best to hide any sentimental feelings or emotion in everything I do, and it serves me well). It was a great few days.

Carmen and I made a commitment to watch a movie every week for the entire year of 09. Repeats are discouraged, but accepted if they’re quality. Suggestions are welcome. So far we’ve hit Benjamin Button, The Wrestler, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Slumdog, and we almost didn’t get it done this week, but we caught the second half of Boyz N the Hood on Saturday night. I’ve seen enough Kate Winslet to last the next 365, and I mean that on a couple of levels. If you’ve seen The Reader, you know what I mean. On deck is Doubt and Frost/Nixon (I don't understand how a movie with a literally adapted screenplay based on a conversation can be considered one of the best of the year, but I guess I'll find out). The new Che will count as three because it’s about about sixhourslong. Once we work our way through the awards season, I'd like to watch every movie containing Bryan Adams in its soundtrack.

If you missed The Office on Sunday, you missed the funniest scene in the history of television that doesn’t include Ricky Gervais.