Father's Day. I have the easiest job in the world. I have beautiful, smart, gorgeous girls, and I take a bit of credit for all the work Carmen does at making them that way.

Breakfast in Priddis. Coffee in Bragg Creek. Life is good.


Some photos

One month. Since my last update. But it's okay. Because I’ve been busy.

Work had me away from home a bit. I got really sick. Actually, we all got really sick. And I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph a wedding. Well, I was asked a long time ago, but the wedding was in May. So besides my family and the end of the football season (real football), that had all my attention. And in the end it was worth all the work.

This is Ryan and Ashley. They had a beautiful wedding here in Calgary. And like I said, I was given the pleasure of capturing it.

Also, I put my 365 Project on hold. Which, I guess, doesn’t really make it a 365 Project anymore, but who makes the rules? Me. Part of the reason I stopped was because it’s actually pretty hard to take even a somewhat interesting picture every day, especially when you’re sick and just laying around. So I did what I’ve always done when I get frustrated; I pouted and gave up. Another part of the reason I quit is because I’ve spent so much time looking at and processing photos from the wedding that the thought of picking up the camera to take more literally, sort of, paralyzed me. Relatively speaking, though, I only missed a few days so I’ll start right back up and you’ll barely notice I quit (it was more like a hiatus, or even a sabbatical). Updating Flickr is going to be a deathly project though.

So there you have it. A list of excuses. And some photos.