Now, smile



The red-eye from Calgary to Saskatoon.

And a night out on the town.

PS. I've put a ton of pictures on Flickr in the last couple of days.


Three year old

Cupcakes and tea. That's how we do it. Well, Cate does at least. So on her birthday, we all do. And books. Lots of books. Carmen and I spent the better part of the weekend (and the better part of a month) trying to turn our living room into some sort of tea house bakery library wonderland. It seemed to have worked, too. See for yourself:

Obviously, Cate took advantage of the spotlight and broke it down to her current favorite tune, Heartless, by Sir Kanye West.

The party was on Sunday, but Cate's birthday was Monday. So the four of us spent the special day at the zoo. Great place. Even for four hours. Cate was wished a happy birthday by a tiger an elephant, three giraffes and a bunch of monkeys, among other friends.

The only gift request she had for her third bday was a bookshelf. Odd, I know, but we can't complain. So we found her one (with my parents' help) and she loved it. But at the end of the day, she said her favorite gifts were the cards she got at her party. What a beauty.

And while it was Cate's special day, as always, Maggie came along for the ride, as chill as ever. Cate's favorite name for her is Sugar Angel. She's pretty much right.

One more time, happy birthday, our lovely Cate.


Tea Party

It was a very Cate party. Story and more pics to follow.