Planes, Trains and (Belgian) Beer

Paris. Antwerp. Amsterdam. Bruges. In that order.

That's our schedule for the next two weeks. We're leaving the girls in capable hands and flying to France tomorrow evening. This is something we've been planning and scheming for a long time, and it'll be the first vacation Carmen and I have taken alone since our honeymoon in Montreal more than six years ago.

We'll spend six days in Paris with basically no schedule other than to get a morning coffee and an evening bottle of wine. What happens in between is of little concern, but I'm sure it'll include walking, biking, sitting and watching. On Tuesday we'll take a train to Antwerp and we'll have two days and two nights in Northern Belgium. We're staying with Carmen's family friends in a small town called Wuustwezel. They're gracious enough to host us and tour us around the city and country, and I don't think there's a better way to explore a foreign country than with locals. We may also take a day trip to Ghent during our stay there, but who knows. From there it's a train to Amsterdam for another two nights. We're considering getting a hotel for only one of those nights, and roaming around the city for the other. After that we're taking a train to Bruges, and again we'll be there for two nights, before we rail it back to Paris for one more sleep and then fly home.

We want to keep our girls up to date on everything we're doing so I'm planning on Tweeting the whole thing using an iPod. So wherever we can get WiFi, you can hear from us. My Twitter page is here. Follow me as I getmytweeton.

So that's that. We have to somehow leave our gorgeous little girls for two weeks. That thought kind of makes me feel physically ill, but spending two weeks alone in Europe with this girl is a fair enough trade off, I guess:

See you on the flip side.


Happy birthday, Maggie Jane

One amazing year.

I only wish I could be as happy and content as this gorgeous girl. Every moment the four of us are together, she's having the time of her life. I can't wait to see what sort of trouble she gets into in her second year as she explores this big world.

What an absolute beauty.


The Trampoline Show

Teacher Cate giving us lessons about bouncing. Everybody listen!


Key West kid

My beautiful nephew, Milo.